Marquee Events

Marquee events are becoming more and more popular, and extravagent! They are great fun, but it can be disheartening having gone to all that trouble and expense to put on such a great party to have to keep it quiet after midnight, just as the rowdy crowd start to want to turn the volume up in the tent and dance into the small hours. For the sake of the neighbours who want to get to sleep, and those guests that just want to have a catch up chat with all those people they haven't seen for ages, using Silent Disco UK equipment, all of the above is possible. Different people are always going to want different things, here's the chance to keep everyone happy.

Festival Silent Disco

Believe it or not, Festivals also suffer from having to 'Keep the noise down', in fact, they are probably affected more than most, for every person that loves to attend, there are many more that don't want it to occur in the first place, and they are heavily policed and regulated, they cannot afford to break the rules, the penalties are steep and they've got a license to protect. It has been proven that Silent Disco is the solution to this problem, allowing the festival organisers to put on a banging show right up to the limit of the time restrictions and then turn the big stages off and comply with the law. Silent Disco allows them to also keep the punters happy by shifting the acts to the Silent Disco areas and playing on through the night in relative silence, well within the noise limits. Silent Disco UK currently owns enough headsets to fill a small tent and are more than willing to talk to festival organisers about supplying the kit for their events.

Wedding DJ

By definition, wedding parties have the complete age spectrum in the audience, with our three channel silent disco headphones it is possible to cater for the different age groups with ease. You could be playing Frank Sinatra & Motown for the 'Older Generation', a more upbeat and electronic selection for the 'Teens and Twenties', and childrens comedy & bedtime stories for the 'Little ones'. If you're going to hire a wedding dj, why not get the most out of your mobile disco pa hire and have a silent wedding disco that keeps that disco ball spinning into the early hours of the morning?

Multilingual Presentations

On a more serious note, if you wanted to host an international corporate conference / corporate entertainment event and had delegates that don't all speak the same language, with our headphones you could have upto 3 of the minority languages hooked up to a translator on each channel in their mother tongue so they can also enjoy the presentations along with the native language speakers, so you would have the capability to cater for 4 languages in total. I'd say that shows good initiative and organisational skills! Of course, it wouldn't technically be a Disco, but you could always reuse the equipment later that night and do exactly that! The corporate entertainment uses are almost endless.

Party in the Park

Using our newly designed mobile power supplies, you can have a Silent Disco in the park, no external power source required, all the equipment needed will fit in one rucksack.

Silent Cinema

Borrow a projector and hook it up to your laptop, run the audio from the laptop to our transmitters and you've just created a 'Silent Cinema' ready to project a film on to the side of your house.

School Prom

Wow, a teachers dream! A silent school disco, brilliant, sign me up! And no more bickering about what type of music to play, just play it all, all at once, as loud as you like!

Camping Disco

Big into camping in the summer and having a great time with your friends?, Crazy Summer Days, drinking in the afternoon and the party goes on into the balmy nights, then you get an overbearing feeling that the quiter people on the campsite keep muttering that you're making too much noise, which eventually builds into a cresendo of people shhhhhing, well, Silent Disco UK to the rescue, we have designed mobile power sources for our transmitters, let us know when booking if you'd like to use that option, our Silent Disco headphones and Audio Transmitters are completely at home in the country. The ultimate mobile disco.

Student Union DJ Battle

The Students union bar at any university has the edge over many other venues, not just is the booze cheap and has a naturally captive audience, they tend to have an almost limitless supply of DJ's that would be willing to play for free and get involved in a Student Unions Battle of the DJ's. 3 channels playing at once, and the compere will be able to keep track of who's drawing the biggest crowds by the channel indicator LEDs on the headphones. Who's going to win Red, Green or Blue?

Noisy Environments

Silence is Golden. It's not always about the noise, you can also use our headphones to block out the ambient noise to get your message across. Say, if you've got a video presentation you want people to watch in a noisy environment like a club or a trade fair, you can issue your viewers with headsets so they can concentrate on your message. And get back to the party once they're done.

Quiet Environments

There are environments such as a Village Hall where you are allowed to have an event as long as there is no amplified music, a Silent Disco would be the perfect solution, lots of noise inside, no noise outside.

On the Slopes

Rocking the Mountain. With a battery pack in your rucksack, transmitters set to Stun, you and your crew can be tearing out those curves in time to your tunes, you'll all be on the same wavelength carving your way in tune and on time. Like a 400m diameter force field, the funs going to flow all the way down the mountain. And people are going to wonder what on earth is going on when you're having you're own party within a party 'With those headphones on' at the mountain cafe, get your snowbombing DJ to flip out his laptop to bash out a set, hand out some extra headphones to those artic foxes and the mountain is yours! Cool as Ice.