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'Silent Disco UK' is the happiest supplier of silent music to festivals of ten people to small parties of 1,500. We have the flat-pack furniture of silent disco, except with instructions you won't throw away in frustration. From the time you set it up, to the time you take it down, the only screams you'll hear will be from the listeners ecstasy. And all this for less than the price of a well annunciated whisper. Call us on our local rate number 0845 519 7452, to get the quote that you want to hear, or use our 'Get a Quote' page for the truly silent, but effective, experience.


"What is a Silent Disco?"

A 'Silent Disco' is where every listener wears a set of wireless headphones to hear the music.

So, to a bystander, no music can be heard.

The music is transmitted to the listeners headphones from the DJ via our transmitters instead of wires.

Our system of transmitters and headphones has  3 stereo channels and has a 200m Metre range.


"Why would I want a 'Silent Disco'"?

By reducing the amount of noise created it is possible to host events without annoying the neighbours. You can have events where previously they would not have been possible and the events can run later & longer.


"Is being silent ALL it's about?"

No, there is another dimension to our Silent Disco hire service where you can play many differing types of music to your audience at the same time, so, at the same time you might see people 'Raving it Up' to The Prodigys Firestarter, some cool cats 'Funking on Down' to James Brown, and others 'Cheesing Out' to Agadoo!- and why Not? Possibly one of the funniest things you will ever see on a dancefloor


It's all about personal choice, each pair of headphones has a 'Change Channel' button that allows you to cycle between the three music channels available and a volume control so you can have the music as loud, or quiet as you like.


The combination of these attributes has caused 'Silent Disco' to become a phenomenon that is sweeping through the festival, club and party circuits of Europe and around the globe, our silent disco hire service exists to make sure the people of the UK can enjoy the experience.


We are really excited about this!, it creates an ability to host party events at places and times that previously would not have been possible due to bulky sound rigs and noise restrictions. and also to cater for many tastes at the same time.


We just hope you have as much fun chucking those shapes as we do, we're passionate about it!


A Quote from the 'The Telegraph Online':


Time Out magazine's comedy editor Tim Arthur, who was involved in organising a 'Silent Disco' this weekend at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden as part of the Deloitte Ignite 09 festival, said: "It's such an extraordinary thing to watch. It's like a weird piece of performance art. It's just the best fun and people absolutely love it.

"And it doesn't have any issues of disturbing neighbours. It's a very polite thing to do. It's probably one of the most polite clubbing events you can have."


Here is an example of a recent 'Time Out Live' event we provided the equipment for, to give you an idea of how people react to the Silent Disco, after all, a picture is worth 1,000 words.